Since 1977, Miura has been manufacturing the world's most exquisite golf clubs. Using the patented forging process of its founder, master artisan Katsuhiro Miura, every iron is individually manufactured.

Company History

Miura was founded in a Japanese region known for its centuries-old tradition for steel forging. 
Inspired by the tradition of the Katana (the legendary swords of the Samurai warriors) Katsuhiro Miura had nothing less than perfection in mind when he founded his company to produce golf irons.
Today, the Miura name stands for irons that are second to none.


What sets this family company apart, is the use of only the very finest base materials and a manufacturing process which is until this day unmatched and produces the world’s finest irons: While most manufacturers forge their irons with two strikes, Miura forges its irons with three strikes, thereby significantly improving the grain structure of the club heads. The clubs are made and finished by master craftsmen and master Katsuhiro Miura and his sons are still an integral part of the entire production process. 


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