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Club conex


Produced in the U.S.A. to maintain a better quality control over the various manufacturing processes that are required to create club parts that are second to none


UNI-FIT is the pinnacle of the Club Conex line and provides a system which is not only a substantial advance to club fitters but also to avid golfers. 

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FUSE-FIT has become very popular with the top club fitting shops worldwide. The unique over the hosel design permits full shaft insertion which negates the need for additional tip trimming to yield proper stiffness.


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FAZ-FIT is Club Conex’  most popular product line and has been one of the first choices for club fitting shops around the world since its introduction in 2008. Constant updates and improvements make this line a solid choice for every fitter and golfer.


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The P-100 is Club Conex’s first putter fitting adapter which permits fitters to properly select head, shaft and grip. Fitters can now carry multiple and interchangeable shaft lengths and grip configurations in a compact and efficient way.


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