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True Spec Golf uses industry-leading technology to identify club components that will provide you with a measurable improvement. Cutting-edge equipment and techniques are deployed to build each club to exact specifications so you can play at your best on the course.


This Doppler radar-based technology allows to measure what the golf club and ball are doing in real time. When a shot is hit, 21 specific measurements are generated that accurately identify the impact and ball flight conditions for that particular shot. TrackMan plays an integral part in ensuring that you receive the best performing equipment for your game.


The patented industry-leading Club‑Conex adapter systems allow to fit golfers with the best shaft and head combination for every club in their bag. Having a full control over all manufacturing processes Club-Conex ensures the highest precision standards of its parts. 


GC Quad is the industry’s first quadroscopic launch monitor. Using 4 cameras to provide 4 unique perspectives, the GC Quad can perceive the most subtle changes in angle and rotation, in a wide viewfield. This high-resolution system takes launch monitor reliability to the next level.


The Quintic Ball Roll software utilizes a high-speed camera to track the golf ball and putter during impact. This software automatically generates highly accurate graphic and numerical data for the putter and the ball which previously was only available in full swing analysis software for irons and woods.


The SST PURE® Shaft Alignment System allows to analyze the structure of any golf shaft and identifies its most stable bending plane, or Neutral‑Axis™. Assembling the club head in the SST PURE® orientation, results in improved consistently from club to club within any golfers set.